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About VirusDie

VirusDie is an antivirus network for websites. The VirusDie cloud service helps to solve the problem of finding and removing viruses, protection (firewall), performance monitoring and centralized site management on VDS and DS servers and is intended for webmasters, SEO-optimizers, site owners, programmers, system administrators and web studios.

Back in the day site protection, monitoring and malware removal on sites were complex tasks and were solved mainly by restoring a site from an old archive, often with loss of information and involvement of a specialist, now, any person who does not have special knowledge and skills through VirusDie service can organize the search, virus removal, protection, centralized management and monitoring of sites through a simple web interface. It's simple, convenient and effective.

VirusDie does not require installation or configuration. It can be controlled remotely through your account in the service. For the antivirus and firewall to work, you need to synchronize the site with the VirusDie service by placing the synchronization file, which is available for download (automatic synchronization via FTP is available) when adding a new site to your account, in the root directory of the corresponding site, using, for example, FTP or server control panel.


SaaS VirusDie is a distributed centralized control server that allows you to manage files, databases, settings and web resource components on VDS and DS remotely through VirusDie servers — simply by placing the necessary unique synchronization file in the user's resource root directory. All 'synchronized' web resources will be available in the service control panel.

Operations with the user's web resources are performed directly through the service's web panel without user's server or FTP control panels. Without rewriting the Name Server records of the user's domain.

A distinctive feature of Virusday is the ability to conveniently centralize work with websites and files hosted on different VDS or DS. The service is based on a distributed data processing model. Processing of user requests is carried out by means of the VirusDie service, while actual work with files is performed on the users' servers.

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