Free hosting with trial period


from ≈ $1.34 117 ₽ /month

2 sites

2000 MB SSD

free .RU for

2 years

150 MB for the databases

≈ $1.6 140 ₽ / month

≈ $16 1400 ₽ when paying for the year

or ≈ $1.34 117 ₽ /month



from ≈ $2.19 192 ₽ /month

5 sites

7000 MB SSD

free .RU for

1 year

1000 MB for the databases

≈ $2.63 230 ₽ / month

≈ $26.29 2300 ₽ when paying for the year

or ≈ $2.19 192 ₽ /month



from ≈ $3.14 275 ₽ /month

15 sites

14000 MB SSD

free .RU for

6 months

2000 MB for the databases

≈ $3.77 330 ₽ / month

≈ $37.71 3300 ₽ when paying for the year

or ≈ $3.14 275 ₽ /month



from ≈ $7.23 633 ₽ /month

50 sites

30000 MB SSD

free .RU for

3 months

4000 MB for the databases

≈ $8.69 760 ₽ / month

≈ $86.86 7600 ₽ when paying for the year

or ≈ $7.23 633 ₽ /month


All plans include

DDoS Protection

MySQL databases

Automatic Let's Encrypt

NVMe SSD drives

PHP (5.2-8.2)

CMS installation in 1 click

Limit increase:

(₽ per month, except for the IHC-2 plan)

  • Dedicated IP — ≈ $1.14 100 ₽ per unit
  • FTP account — ≈ $0.11 10 ₽ per unit
  • Website — ≈ $0.34 30 ₽ per unit
  • File disk quota — from ≈ $0.57 50 ₽ per 1000 MB
  • Database disk quota — from ≈ $2.29 200 ₽ per 1000 MB
  • CPU Web Quota — ≈ $0.05 4 ₽ per 1 cp
  • MySQL CPU quota — ≈ $0.02 2 ₽ for 10 sec
  • cPanel panel — ≈ $0.17 15 ₽ per account

Plan details

  • All prices are in Russian rubles (₽). 1 ₽ ≈ $0.01143 VAT free.
  • Special offer for a free domain is valid only for the first paid period and is not valid for renewal of the order or change of plan/period. In case of change of the order parameters (plan or payment period) prior to scheduled date, you have to pay for the registration of the domain received within the special offer.
  • All virtual hosting plans offer free protection against the most common types of network flood (DDoS attacks): UDP amplification, ICMP flood and SYN flood. Protection at the L7 HTTP level is carried out by our experts to the extent possible.
  • A dedicated IP address is required to install any SSL certificate.

Free hosting at IHC

Shared hosting implies that on the same server there are many projects from different users: they share computing power among themselves and manage their sites through a convenient panel. Iron Hosting Centre offers all new clients to try virtual hosting with a trial period: you can host a site on a shared server and use its host resources absolutely free of charge for seven days. During testing, you will be open to all the possibilities of the selected plan without restrictions. The trial plan is functionally no different from the paid ones. Везде доступны:
  • protection against DDoS attacks;
  • support for PHP (5.2–8.2) and MySQL databases (unlimited);
  • Let's Encrypt automatic SSL certificate;
  • CMS installation in one click;
  • NVMe SSD drives.
The minimum cost of shared hosting in IHC is from 117 rubles per month when paid for a year. Trial hosting will allow you to understand if a certain hosting plan suits the needs of your site. We provide an opportunity to test our services, because we are sure of their good quality. IHC equipment is located in reliable Tier 3 data centers in Moscow and Amsterdam. Server uptime is over 99.9%, and technical support works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and holidays. You can contact our specialists through several channels (ticket system, e-mail, phone, chats on the website and in Telegram). Rent a test hosting to see for yourself the reliability of our company. You can start a free hosting test right now:
  1. Register and verify your email address.
  2. Select a tariff on the site or in the billing panel.
  3. When placing an order, check the box “Trial period 7 days”.
  4. Replenish the balance in the amount of 100 ₽. The money will remain in your account, and at the end of the test it will be possible to withdraw it or pay for our other services.
Hosting with a trial period will be activated in a few minutes. You will receive a free test domain — it will be useful for testing the work of the website transferred to us. If you wish, you can connect an existing domain name. If necessary, we will help you move from another provider free of charge. The VPS/VDS test is also available for order at IHC. We rent dedicated servers, register domains, issue licenses for server software (ispmanager, Bitrix, NetCat, UMI.CMS), make backups and draw up documents for the domains of some registrars. A complete list of services can be found on the website. We are in the top rating of Runet hosters according to GlavHost. Order a test to personally evaluate the quality of our service.

How to get seven days of hosting for free

  • Choose a plan on our site and go through a simple registration procedure.
  • When placing an order in the control panel, select “7-day trial period”.
  • The trial period is activated automatically after topping up the balance by 100 rubles.
  • This money will remain on your balance in your IHC account. They can be used later to pay for any order or refunded, provided that the trial period was used without violating the rules.


  • What is hosting with a trial period?

    Trial Hosting is a service that allows customers to test the quality of hosting services for a limited period of time before they decide to subscribe to hosting services for a longer period of time.

  • What is trial hosting used for?

    Test hosting is used so that customers can evaluate the quality of hosting services and make the right decision about choosing a hosting provider. It is also useful for customers who are planning to switch to a new hosting provider and want to ensure the quality of service before switching.

  • How long is the test period?

    The test period lasts 7 days, it is activated when placing an order in the control panel and turns on automatically after replenishing the balance by 100 rubles.

  • What payment methods are available?

    You can pay for hosting with a trial period in the following ways:

    1. Bank card.
    2. Fast payment system.
    3. Bank transaction.
    4. Sberbank Online.
    5. Webmoney, QIWI wallet, YuMoney.