Joint campaign of IHC and Plusofon

Participate in a joint campaign of IHC and Plusofon

Sign up with Plusofon using partner link and receive IP telephony services for businesses and individuals at a special rate

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Purchase special IHC plan and get a phone number for a domain for only 900₽ per year!

  • 100 minutes per month for calls

  • AmoCRM and Bitrix24 integration

  • Detailed numbers on employees and calls

  • Cloud PBX with multichannel numbers and call recording

Premium Plusofon cloud phone platform

  • Phone numbers

    Direct-dial phone numbers in more than 60 regions of Russia. Mobile phone numbers and 8-800 toll-free numbers. Connect quickly and start working right away. Each number is multi-channel.

  • Cloud PBX

    Cloud PBX is a modern trend in communication industry using VoIP technology. Plusofon supports a variety of customer devices: SIP-phones, softphones on personal computers, smartphones.

  • SIP Trunk

    Outgoing calls and phone numbers in a single SIP connection for your call center. We combine many phone numbers from different cities and countries in one channel. We provide competitive rates for telephone communication.

  • Catchy numbers

    Business development specialists know how important a beautiful phone number is to a business. It has to be instantly memorable – both visually and aurally. We offer harmonious phone numbers that your customers will dial from memory!

  • Smart number

    Even if your phone does not have an Internet connection, you can significantly reduce the cost of a call. Fill out a simple form on the site, and we will tell you the phone number, which can be dialed in order to talk to the subscriber you need, at the internal fare of our network.

  • IP telephony

    With frequent calls abroad, your budget will be saved by IP-telephony with low rates for long-distance and international telephone communications. Connect the application on your PC or smartphone to the Plusofon SIP server and make calls at the favorable rates of our company, being in any country.

Plusofon customers

  • airbnb
  • heinz
  • super-saver
  • autodoc
  • qatar
  • amazon

Try special IHC plan for a joint campaign with 'Iron Hosting Centre'

  • airbnb

    3 users

  • airbnb

    3 incoming lines

  • airbnb

    1 local number

  • airbnb

    3 outgoing lines

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