Dedicated VPS/VDS with instant activation

Dedicated 1 Gbps port, dedicated drive with no io limits. Choose a server on fast SSDs or large HDDs.
Plan SSD-Dedic HDD-Dedic
RAM 15 GB 15 GB
Disk space 400 GB 1600 GB
DDoS Protection
Price per month ≈ $57.14 5000 ₽ ≈ $57.14 5000 ₽
When paying for 1 year (per month) you get 12 months for the price of ten! ≈ $571.43 50000 ₽
( ≈ $47.62 4167 ₽ )
≈ $571.43 50000 ₽
( ≈ $47.62 4167 ₽ )
Order Order

VDS port speed — 1000 Mbps.

AlmaLinux (CentOS)
10, 11 и 12
18, 20, 22
Ispmanager on CentOS/Debian
FastPanel on CentOS/Debian
Any OS from your image

More about plans

  • For each VDS, 1 dedicated external IP address is provided free of charge. You can order up to 10 IPs at a price of 200 ₽/month (minimum order period is 20 days).
  • IPv6 networks /64 are available at a price of 10 ₽/month (no more than 1000 networks)
  • Extra services: ispmanager and CMS licenses, flexible backup space.
  • All prices are in Russian rubles (₽). 1 ₽ ≈ $0.01143 VAT free.

“Fair Use Policy” is applied. Network bandwidth on the server is 1000 Mbps. When the traffic reaches 20,000 GB, the speed is limited to 10 Mbps until the end of the billing month. The speed can be restored for 150 ₽ (1000 GB).

To activate the test period, you need to make a 100 ₽ deposit to your account. This money will remain on the balance and can be used later to pay for any order or refunded, provided that the trial period was used without violations of the offer (spam, phishing, attacks, etc.).

For legal entities, the trial period is provided upon a scan of an application form with the seal and signature of a company’s executive.

All plans offer free protection against the most common types of network flood (DDoS attacks): UDP amplification, ICMP flood and SYN flood. L7 protection is carried out by our specialists as far as possible. Upon customer’s request, DDoS protection might be disabled by changing the server IP address. In this case, inbound traffic is not charged.

Ispmanager license

Ispmanager — is one of the leading multifunctional web server control panels through a simple and intuitive web interface. All basic server management operations, such as creating users, sites, domains, mailboxes, are performed with a couple of mouse clicks. The license for ispmanager is paid separately.


There are all the necessary features for web development and administration


Modern and clear interface in which you do not have to wander


Thanks to regular updates, the panel remains protected, and bugs are quickly fixed

File manager

What is the difference between SSD and HDD

Solid State Drive and Hard Disk Drive are designed to store, record and playback data, whether it is an operating system, software or user files. In recent years, SSDs have become very popular. Although this type of drive is more modern and productive, a classic HDD is better for some tasks.

Hard Disk Drive — a hard disk on which information is recorded on a round magnetic disk using mechanical lever movements. The best place for a server with an HDD is a data center with good air conditioning and protection from access by unauthorized people, as it is exposed to heat and is sensitive to falls. For example, in the Iron Hosting Centre, all VPS with HDD are located in a DC with a reliability level of at least Tier 3. The main advantages and reasons for choosing a Hard Disk Drive for a web project are:

  • large capacity;
  • ability to restore files even after deleting them;
  • less dependent on power supply than SSD;
  • ability to overwrite information a huge number of times.

A Solid State Drive (SSD) works like a flash drive. An electrical signal is supplied to the built-in flash memory chip and the device reads, writes or deletes information. During its operation, there are no mechanical movements, so it has wear resistance and high data processing speed. The main requirement for VPS with SSD to the data center is uninterruptible power supply. You can overwrite information a limited number of times. A distinctive feature of virtual private servers with a solid state drive is their fast operation. The fastest is NVMe SSD.

When to choose VPS HDD:

  • for backup;
  • for projects requiring long-term data storage;
  • AS systems and video surveillance.

When to choose SSD VPS

  • for high-load projects that require instant response to user requests;
  • for web resources working with software that is demanding of server resources;
  • for large online stores with extensive product catalogs, etc. to speed up the page loading process;
  • for work with multimedia files.

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