1C Bitrix license

Type Price / Renewal * Your gift Gift example
Start 6200 / 1550 ₽ 1860 ₽ Hosting for six months Order
Standard 17900 / 4475 ₽ 5370 ₽ Hosting for 2 years or Premium for 2 months Order
Small business 40900 / 10225 ₽ 12270 ₽ Premium for a year + domains or backup Order
Business 83900 / 20975 ₽ 62925 ₽ Premium for a year + domains or backup Order

When ordering any 1C-Bitrix license within this special offer, we give you up to 25% of the 1C-Bitrix license cost to your bonus account. You can spend bonuses on powerful servers, fast SSD VDS, reliable shared hosting. At the same time, all services are optimized for 1C-Bitrix. Spend your bonuses as you see fit and at any time!


* Product updates (new functionality, interface updates, security systems, and others) are performed using the SiteUpdate technology, which allows you to download and install updates at no additional cost without technical specialists involvement. You can purchase and activate the renewal at a discounted rate for 25% of the price of your edition. The update activity period is extended by exactly one year from the end of the previous period. The license is granted within 5 working days after payment for the order.

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