VPS/VDS servers on Windows

Plan WIN-4 WIN-8 WIN-12 WIN-16
RAM 4 GB 8 GB 12 GB 16 GB
SSD 100 GB 200 GB 300 GB 400 GB
Windows® Server 2016 or 2019
Price per month ≈ $14.86 1300 ₽ ≈ $28 2450 ₽ ≈ $41.14 3600 ₽ ≈ $54.29 4750 ₽
Order Order Order Order

Windows VDS port speed — 200 Mbps. WIN-16 500 Mbps.


For each VDS, 1 dedicated external IP address is provided free of charge. You can order up to 10 IPs at a price of 200 ₽/month (minimum order period is 20 days). IPv6 networks /64 are available at a price of 10 ₽/month (no more than 120 addresses per subnet). Увеличение числа CPU: 100 ₽/месяц за 1 CPU. All prices are in Russian rubles (₽). 1 ₽ ≈ $0.01143 VAT free. “Fair Use Policy” is applied. Пропускная способность сети на сервере 200 Мбит/с. When the traffic reaches 20,000 GB, the speed is limited to 10 Mbps until the end of the billing month. The speed can be restored for 150 ₽ (1000 GB). To activate the test period, you need to make a 100 ₽ deposit to your account. This money will remain on the balance and can be used later to pay for any order or refunded, provided that the trial period was used without violations of the offer (spam, phishing, attacks, etc.).
For legal entities, the trial period is provided upon a scan of an application form with the seal and signature of a company’s executive.

Benefits of renting a VPS Windows Server at IHC

Renting a VPS Windows Server is an opportunity to get a guaranteed part of the computing resources of a physical server allocated to you using modern virtualization tools and full access to them with administrator rights. In the hosting company ‘Iron Hosting Centre’ the cost of a Windows Server license is included in the plans, the user can choose the 2016 or 2019 edition themselves and start using the pre-installed OS after the hosting computer is launched.

The option of renting a virtual private/dedicated server (VPS/VDS) from a hosting provider is more cost-efficient than purchasing your own equipment. For example, in the Iron Hosting Centre, after paying for the service, the user receives remote access to their own virtual dedicated server, a licensed operating system, round-the-clock technical support, uptime of more than 99.9%, optimal conditions for hosting hardware and its maintenance in one of the data centers of the Tier III level. VPS with Windows Server is an alternative to VPS running on the free Linux operating system and has a number of advantages:

  • Ready-made solution. Windows Server is a licensed operating system manufactured by Microsoft Corporation. The company thoroughly tests and fixes problems that arise during the development phase before the final product is released to the market. When buying a licensed operating system, the user can count on its stability and proper operation. Thanks to a large number of active users, the developer knows the needs of companies and makes new useful improvements to the OS.
  • Quick launch and simplicity of use. Windows Server has an understandable, familiar and user-friendly graphical interface. With its help, the operating system can be quickly and easily configured without using the command line.
  • Compatibility with other products. Some Microsoft software and scripting environments can only run on a Windows server.
  • Technical support. Together with the OS Windows Server license, the user receives available technical support. System updates are installed automatically and released regularly. On open source operating systems, technical support may be paid or provided by other users from the community, updates and fixes are released at a lower frequency.

By renting a VPS Windows Server, the user will be able to configure the server to solve business problems:

  • management of software which installation requires Windows environment;
  • organization of remote workplaces and corporate environment;
  • 1C services operations;
  • android emulators deployment;
  • installation of modern games on the game server and many others.

How much does a Windows Server license cost?

The price of a Windows Server license is already included in all VDS plans for Windows by IHC. In addition to the operating system, the plan configuration includes the following:

  • RAM (4–16 GB);
  • number of processor cores (1 — 2 — 3 and 4 respectively);
  • SSD disk space (100-400 GB);
  • dedicated IP address;
  • place in a reliable data center with 99.9% uptime;
  • port speed on Windows VDS 200 Mbps, on WIN16 — 500 Mbps.

The price range varies from 1300 rubles per month (VAT free) to 4750 rubles.

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