Rent a dedicated server

Change configuration

  • ⚡ 10 Gbps Network card + port — 5000 ₽/month;
  • 1000-2000 GB HDD — 0 ₽/month;
  • 480 GB SSD SATA — 1075 ₽/month;
  • 960 GB SSD SATA — 1575 ₽/month;
  • 1920 GB SSD SATA — 2550 ₽/month;
  • 3840 GB SSD SATA — 4500 ₽/month;
  • 2000 GB NVMe SSD — 9000 ₽/month;
  • 4000 GB NVMe SSD — 15000 ₽/month;
  • 4000 GB HDD — 1800 ₽/month;
  • 12000 GB HDD — 3200 ₽/month;
  • hardware RAID 0,1,5,10 — 1800 ₽/month;

When paying in advance for 2, 3 or 6 months, you get a significant discount of up to 10% along with free installation. When paying for 10 months — 2 months for free! The minimum period for a server rental is 1 month.

What is included in the server rental service:

  • Modern equipment of top global brands Intel and Supermicro.
    Server series disks. Error correction code (ECC) memory if possible;
  • Unlimited traffic at 100 Mbps or 30 TB per month at 1000M;
    dedicated port from 20000 ₽/month;
  • Prompt response to problems with equipment, replacement of faulty components;
  • Hosting in the most reliable data centers in Russia: DataPro and IXcellerate;
  • 100 GB of disk space for backup on a separate server in another data center;
  • Each server is provided with 1 IP address free of charge. It is possible to connect up to ten additional IPs at a price of 200 ₽/month;
  • IPv6 networks /64 are available at a price of 10 ₽/month (no more than 120 addresses per subnet).
  • OS available for installation Linux (CentOS, Debian , Ubuntu), FreeBSD;
  • Additional paid services licences, backup.

Our data centers

  • DataPro is one of the most reliable TIER III class data centers in Moscow:

    • the best connectivity in all cities of Russia, the CIS and Europe;
    • diesel generators DRUPS Hitec Power Protection 1680 kVA;
    • security with a 24/7 security monitoring system (350 cameras);
    • high-precision air conditioning system: 25°C, air humidity 40%–60%;
    • rapid smoke detection system VESDA, gas fire extinguishing.
  • IXcellerate is the leading data center in Russia. Its data center infrastructure and operations system meet Level 3 (IBM) / Class F3 (BICSI) / Tier 3 (Uptime Institute) and higher reliability requirements:

    • total usable area of server rooms — 12,000 sq. m;
    • maximum number of standard racks up to 6000;
    • design capacity 14 MW;
    • high level of security inside the data center;
    • three-level fire detection and extinguishing system.
  • DataPro
  • IXcellerate

Rent a dedicated server

Dedicated server is a service in which you get a whole physical server at your disposal. Unlike a virtual machine (virtual, VPS/VDS), a Dedik is a separate, full-fledged computer, all of whose resources are fully owned by one client. In this case, the provider is only responsible for the physical maintenance of the host equipment: power, internet, security, fire safety, repair and replacement of components. All software configuration when buying dedicated servers falls on the shoulders of the tenant — the only exception is the initial installation of the operating system.


“Iron Hosting Centre” offers cheap servers with different configurations in Russia and Europe. All tariffs include unlimited traffic, each machine has its own IP address, as a gift we provide a backup space (100 GB) in a data center other than yours. The support service responds promptly to all requests: specialists are in touch 24/7 through several channels.

Who is a dedicated server for?

The high cost of renting (rent) DS is due to the number of opportunities that open up when owning a separate server. Most often, such hosting is purchased for large sites with high traffic, applications with increased privacy requirements, as well as projects that require fine-tuning of the server environment. “Dedik” is suitable for launching a game server, maintaining internal corporate systems and databases, you can even organize your own hosting on it. This is a good option for companies that have a system administrator.

Proven Technologies

IHC hosting uses time-tested software technologies that set the standard for server management. On a dedicated machine, you can install proven operating systems of the Linux family (AlmaLinux, Debian, CentOS), Windows Server, VMware, etc. It is possible to connect your ISO image. You choose the software on dedicated servers yourself, but licenses for some CMS (Bitrix, NetCat and UMI.CMS), ispmanager control panel and SSL certificates can also be purchased on our website.

Reliable equipment and data center

We host servers only in reliable data centers that have passed international certification and officially comply with the Tier 3 standard. You can rent our DS in Russia at DataPro and IXcellerate data centers, both located in Moscow. Everywhere provided: the highest level of security (video surveillance system around the perimeter, round the clock security, access control inside the building); fire protection (early smoke detectors, water mist extinguishing system); cooling (freon air conditioners, raised floors); uninterrupted power supply and stable internet connection. All critical systems are double redundant, and server uptime (uptime) exceeds 99.98%.

Powerful servers

Our dedicated vehicles are equipped with the latest technology. They operate on professional server hardware from industry leaders: Intel and Supermicro. Xeon E-series and AMD EPYC processors, error-correcting memory (ECC), high-speed NVMe SSDs, SATA SSDs or large HDDs to choose from — all this can be used relatively inexpensively when renting dedicated servers in IHC.


  • What is a dedicated server?

    A dedicated server is a server that is provided to a client or company in its entirety. This means that the client has full control over the server, including access to hardware resources such as processors, memory, and hard drives.

  • What are dedicated servers used for?

    Physical servers are used for various purposes, depending on the needs of the company or client. Some common uses include:

    1. Website hosting: companies can use the server to host high traffic websites and applications where high performance and availability is required.
    2. Data storage: dedicated servers can be used to store large amounts of data such as databases, archives, multimedia content, etc.
    3. Computing and Analytics: companies can use it to run complex tasks and computational processes such as scientific computing, data analysis, machine learning, etc.
    4. Game Servers: servers can be used to run multiplayer games and online games where high performance and availability is required.
    5. Virtualization: companies can use physical servers to create virtual environments where high performance and resource isolation are required.
  • What is the difference between a dedicated server and shared hosting?

    A dedicated server is a server provided to a single client that has full control over all server resources. Shared hosting is a server that hosts many sites of different clients, and each of them has access to only its part of the resources. A dedicated server provides better performance and flexibility, but is more expensive than shared hosting.

  • What is the advantage of a dedicated server?

    The main advantages of a dedicated server are:

    1. High performance: because the physical server is for only one client, the client gets access to dedicated processing power, memory, and disk space. This provides high performance and responsiveness for large and complex applications.
    2. Full control: the client has full control over the settings and can install any necessary software, configure security and perform other tasks that are not available with shared hosting.
    3. Flexibility: the client can set up the server however they want, choose the operating system, configure network connections, etc.
    4. Isolation: since the dedicated server is used by only one client, it provides a high level of security and isolation from other clients.
    5. High Availability: the server provides high availability because the client can manage backups and configuration.
    6. Support: dedicated servers usually come with a higher level of support than shared hosting, including the ability to get technical assistance and expert advice.

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