Virtual hosting


from 117 ₽ ≈ $1.34 /month

2 sites

2000 MB SSD

free .RU for

2 years

150 MB for the databases

140 ₽ ≈ $1.6 / month

1400 ₽ ≈ $16 when paying for the year

or 117 ₽ ≈ $1.34 /month



from 192 ₽ ≈ $2.19 /month

5 sites

7000 MB SSD

free .RU for

1 year

1000 MB for the databases

230 ₽ ≈ $2.63 / month

2300 ₽ ≈ $26.29 when paying for the year

or 192 ₽ ≈ $2.19 /month



from 275 ₽ ≈ $3.14 /month

15 sites

14000 MB SSD

free .RU for

6 months

2000 MB for the databases

330 ₽ ≈ $3.77 / month

3300 ₽ ≈ $37.71 when paying for the year

or 275 ₽ ≈ $3.14 /month



from 633 ₽ ≈ $7.23 /month

50 sites

30000 MB SSD

free .RU for

3 months

4000 MB for the databases

760 ₽ ≈ $8.69 / month

7600 ₽ ≈ $86.86 when paying for the year

or 633 ₽ ≈ $7.23 /month


All plans include

DDoS Protection

MySQL databases

Automatic Let's Encrypt

NVMe SSD drives

PHP (5.2-8.2)

CMS installation in 1 click

Limit increase:

(₽ per month, except for the IHC-2 plan)

  • Выделенный IP — 100 ₽ ≈ $1.14 per unit
  • FTP account — 10 ₽ ≈ $0.11 per unit
  • Website — 30 ₽ ≈ $0.34 per unit
  • File disk quota — from 0.05 ₽ ≈ $0 per 1 MB
  • Database disk quota — from 0.20 ₽ ≈ $0 per 1 MB
  • CPU Web Quota — 4 ₽ ≈ $0.05 per 1 cp
  • MySQL CPU quota — 2 ₽ ≈ $0.02 for 10 sec
  • cPanel panel — 15 ₽ ≈ $0.17 per account

Plan details

  • All prices are in Russian rubles (₽). 1 ₽ ≈ $0.01143 VAT free.
  • Special offer for a free domain is valid only for the first paid period and is not valid for renewal of the order or change of plan/period. In case of change of the order parameters (plan or payment period) prior to scheduled date, you have to pay for the registration of the domain received within the special offer.
  • All virtual hosting plans offer free protection against the most common types of network flood (DDoS attacks): UDP-based amplification, ICMP flood and SYN flood. Protection at the L7 HTTP level is carried out by our experts to the extent possible.
  • A dedicated IP address is required to install any SSL certificate.

Web hosting by 'Internet Hosting Center'

Virtual hosting (shared hosting) is a type of hosting in which customers are hosted on one web server, and also use shared resources and software. Therefore, shared hosting is the easiest and most affordable way to host a project on the Web. In IHC customers can buy shared hosting for a website at a price starting from 117 ₽/month. This price includes 2 GB of disk space, 150 MB for databases and the ability to host two domains. Technical support (works 24/7), free protection against DDoS attacks, support for different PHP versions and automatic installation of popular CMS in 1 click — all this is included in each of our plans. In addition to the shared hosting for the site, IHC customers can rent a VPS/VDS, a dedicated server, register a domain, and order an SSL certificate.
  1. VPS/VDS. This is a service for which the virtual part of a physical server is rented out. It is suitable for advanced users and owners of websites and applications with a large load.
  2. Dedicated server. A type of hosting in which an entire physical machine is rented. This option is the most expensive and difficult to maintain, which is suitable for very large projects with high performance and safety requirements.
  3. Domain registration. Any project on the Internet needs a simple domain name that will be easy to remember for any user. In ‘Internet Hosting Center’ you can register a domain and check its availability.
  4. SSL certificate. Required to set up a secure connection using the HTTPS protocol.
  5. Other services in “Internet Hosting Center”. For example, licenses for ispmanager, 1C-Bitrix, IP telephony and much more.
We have an affiliate program: the user registers in the IHC control panel, receives a special affiliate link and attracts new customers using it. When a new customer becomes active (tops up the balance and orders services), the partner receives money reward on the balance.

Benefits of Web Hosting at IHC

The advantages of renting webs hosting in our company include:
  1. 24x7 responsive support. Specialists answer customer questions and solve their problems around the clock.
  2. The opportunity to purchase hosting and receive a free domain. For example, if you pay for the basic plan 'IHC-2' for two years in advance, you will get a domain in the .RU zone for free.
  3. Easy installation of popular content management systems — WordPress, Joomla! and others.
  4. Additional IP-addresses for the price of only 100 ₽/month apiece.
  5. Free protection against DDoS attacks on all plans.
  6. Automatic installation of a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate.
  7. High Uptime and server locations in reliable Tier III level data centers.
  8. Convenient payment methods: via SBP, using a bank card, QIWI, WebMoney, etc.
  9. Hosting control panel to choose from: ispmanager, cPanel or Internet Hosting Center.
  10. Discounts when paying for a long period. The price of the cheapest plan when paying for the year is only 117 ₽/month.

How to get seven days of hosting for free

  • Choose a plan on our site and go through a simple registration procedure.
  • When placing an order in the control panel, select “7-day trial period”.
  • The trial period is activated automatically after topping up the balance by 100 rubles.
  • This money will remain on your balance in your IHC account. They can be used later to pay for any order or refunded, provided that the trial period was used without violating the rules.


  • What is virtual hosting?

    Shared hosting is a service in which a hosting provider rents out resources to host a website on a special web server. All shared hosting clients share server resources and use the same software.

  • How much does website hosting cost?

    The price depends on the technical characteristics of the selected plan (disk space, number of sites and databases, and so on). The minimum cost of services in IHC starts from 117 rubles per month.

  • What’s the difference between shared hosting and VPS?

    On a VPS, each client is assigned RAM, CPU, and a dedicated IP address. Additionally, VDS users can install and configure the necessary software. On a virtual (shared) hosting, this is not possible.

  • How to choose hosting?

    1. Read reviews on special sites with ratings.
    2. Make sure support is available 24/7.
    3. Test the services during the trial period.
    4. Find out which control panel is offered — it should be simple and convenient.
    5. Do not use completely free hosting.

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