Datacenter in Amsterdam

European data center located in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) on the prime fiber network routes from international carriers and backbones in Europe. The data center is designed based on the Tier III standard, which provides 2N redundancy on all critical systems and a fault tolerance of more than 99.98%. The data center equipment is protected by advanced security systems: a multi-layered access system, a digital CCTV network, and 24-hour security.

Data center characteristics

  • Premium data transmission network with a total bandwidth of more than 2 Tbps.
  • VESDA rapid smoke detection system, gas fire suppression.
  • Raised (4 meter) data floor above sea level (NAP).
  • It is designed based on highly efficient Adiabatic cooling compliant to the highest energy efficiency standards.


  • Access to the data center is carried out through proximity cards and biometric readers.
  • Trained on-site staff works 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.
  • The territory of the data center is surrounded by a reliable fence, special alarm detection zones are organized.
  • Continuous digital video surveillance of external and internal premises up to the cabinet level.

Power and cooling

DC in Amsterdam uses dual redundant systems, providing some of the highest reliability in the industry. The data center guarantees customers instantaneous and uninterrupted power supply in the event of a disconnection from the local power grid. The data center has a robust cooling infrastructure and appropriate software to monitor and manage such parameters as indoor temperature and humidity. Such a system maintains an optimal environment for the efficient operation of servers and mission-critical systems.

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