Backup hosting

What to do if your site is… gone?

Just imagine, you go to your website/portal/online store, but it is... gone. Or it is still there, but it looks like some drunk hackers had fun with it. What is the reason for the disappearance or breakdown of the site? It can be anything: a virus, actions of intruders, a physical breakdown of the server, software failures, actions of your developer, or even your own exercises with the site.

You will deal with the reason later. In the meantime, the site needs to be restored. Because while it is down, new customers go to competitors, old ones can't place orders or go to competitors, too. Business has stopped, sales are dwindling.

Choose the storage size for your backups


How to restore website?

There are two ways

  • Create it again;
  • Restore from a previously saved backup.

In the first case, we can't help you. However, we can do it easily with a backup copy. Only on one condition — if you activate the backup service. If you had not taken care of this in advance, we can only feel sorry for you.

What is backup?

It is saving copies of your site along with all the content and settings on a specially designated place on a very reliable server.

How do I back up my sites?

  • You pay for the amount of disk space you need on our backup server.
  • You access the backup server via ftp or ssh.
  • You configure backup on your own, or our specialists do it for free at your request.
  • You can configure backing up even every hour. Backup can be done at any frequency, or you can back up data yourself non-scheduled.

Have questions? Call +7 (800) 333-02-17 — our specialist will help.

How to restore your site quickly?

If your site disappears or breaks down, you simply go to your control panel and open the backup copy into the site*. The amount of information lost depends on how often you back up. If done once a week, then data for up to six days will be lost. If done every hour — no more than 59 minutes.

How can I be sure that backups will not be lost?

Backups are stored using certified high-end equipment in one of the most reliable data centers. We understand how important backups are — the reliability of their storage is guaranteed to the greatest possible extent.

Who is the backup service for?

For all site owners who have virtual hosting on any hosting site. In other words, you do not have to use our hosting services to get access to the backup service.

The service is common among server owners, as well as owners of local computers.

Do you still count on luck? Then we are waiting for you after the crash of your site.

Are you a prudent person?

Enable the backup service — your data will always be in a safe, cool place.


All prices are in Russian rubles (₽). 1 ₽ ≈ $0.01143 VAT free. For each paid 1 GB, you can store no more than 100,000 files and / or directories. * Only possible if the control panel has this functionality. For example, ispmanager.

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