Certificate and license for domain

For domains in .RU and .РФ zones registered or handed over under the control of MaxName registrar, we can provide a license and certificate of domain name registration.

Both documents are printed on letterhead and contain certain information about the domain administrator. Unlike a certificate, a license has legal force and is an official confirmation of the right to own a domain.

License (verification letter) of domain registration

License contains complete information about the domain administrator, the domain name itself and the registration and expiration dates. It is printed on letterhead, certified by a seal and signed by an employee of the organization.

A domain name registration license is a legal document, so if you need to verify ownership of a domain, for example, to integrate a site with a bank, then the license is the best fit for this! The data format can be changed upon agreement with the domain administrator.

The cost of a license (verification letter) is 350 ₽.

Domain registration certificate

Certificate also contains information about the domain administrator, but it is less detailed. Certificate indicates the domain name and the date of its registration.

Since the certificate does not indicate the expiration date of the domain registration, this will save you from having to re-order it in a year. But remember, since a domain name registration certificate is not legally valid, it cannot be used as proof of domain ownership.

The cost of the certificate is 250 ₽.

How to get a license and a certificate?

You can order the document you need (or a set of them) in your personal account by creating a new request.

An electronic copy will be sent to the e-mail of the domain administrator, and if you need the original, you can get it either in our office or request it to be sent by post.

If you request to send it by post, we will send the documents by registered mail and provide you with a tracking number so that you can track it. If for any reason you could not receive the letter at the post office in time, we will send it again after specifying the address and recipient.

To obtain a license or a certificate in our office, you will need to bring personal documents with you to verify you as a domain administrator — a passport for individuals and individual entrepreneurs, and a TIN or a power of attorney to receive documents — for organizations.

The price already includes sending a letter by Russian Post to any city in Russia, so there is no need to pay extra.

Shipping outside of Russia and courier delivery are negotiated individually.

The license and the certificate are issued only for 1 domain. If you need to verify that you are the administrator of multiple domains, you must order a separate document for each domain name.

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