VPS hosting in Russia



Additional 1GB = ≈ $0.06 5 ₽ /month


≈ $3.43 300 ₽ / month

≈ $34.29 3000 ₽ when paying for the year

or ≈ $2.86 250 ₽ /month




Additional 1GB = ≈ $0.06 5 ₽ /month


≈ $4.97 435 ₽ / month

≈ $49.71 4350 ₽ when paying for the year

or ≈ $4.14 363 ₽ /month




Additional 1GB = ≈ $0.06 5 ₽ /month


≈ $8 700 ₽ / month

≈ $80 7000 ₽ when paying for the year

or ≈ $6.67 584 ₽ /month




Additional 1GB = ≈ $0.06 5 ₽ /month


≈ $14.86 1300 ₽ / month

≈ $148.57 13000 ₽ when paying for the year

or ≈ $12.38 1084 ₽ /month




Additional 1GB = ≈ $0.06 5 ₽ /month


≈ $21.71 1900 ₽ / month

≈ $217.14 19000 ₽ when paying for the year

or ≈ $18.1 1584 ₽ /month


All plans include

DDoS Protection


24×7 support

1 dedicated IP

The first month of ispmanager 6 as a gift

VPS is suitable for:

  • hosting resource-demanding sites (CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 20 + ispmanager panel);
  • hosting sites on CMS 1C-Bitrix in a special environment recommended by developers (CentOS 6);
  • running game servers (CentOS 7/8 or Debian 9/10 without control panel);
  • any other task that requires root access other than vpn (nat conntrack is disabled).

VPS by Iron Hosting Centre are based on the Virtuozzo 7 system. It provides better performance, dynamic resource management, and simplicity of administration comparing to alternative solutions.

Plan details

  • All prices are in Russian rubles (₽). 1 ₽ ≈ $0.01143 VAT free.
  • Additional IPs are available after paying for the order at a price of ≈ $2.29 200 ₽ /month (no more than 10). The minimum order period is 10 days.
  • The minimum order period for additional disk space is 30 days.
  • IPv6 networks /64 are available at a price of ≈ $0.11 10 ₽ /month (no more than 1000) .

Extra services: ispmanager and CMS licenses, flexible backup space.

“Fair Use Policy” is applied. Network bandwidth on the server is 100 Mbps. When the traffic reaches 20,000 GB, the speed is limited to 10 Mbps until the end of the billing month. The speed can be restored for 150 ₽ (1000 GB).

To activate the test period, you need to make a 100 ₽ deposit to your account. This money will remain on the balance and can be used later to pay for any order or refunded, provided that the trial period was used without violations of the offer (spam, phishing, attacks, etc.).

For legal entities, the trial period is provided upon a scan of an application form with the seal and signature of a company’s executive.

All plans offer free protection against the most common types of network flood (DDoS attacks): UDP amplification, ICMP flood and SYN flood. Protection at the L7 level is carried out by our experts to the extent possible.

Ispmanager license

Ispmanager — is one of the leading multifunctional web server control panels through a simple and intuitive web interface. All basic server management operations, such as creating users, sites, domains, mailboxes, are performed with a couple of mouse clicks. The license for ispmanager is paid separately.


There are all the necessary features for web development and administration


Modern and clear interface in which you do not have to wander


Thanks to regular updates, the panel remains protected, and bugs are quickly fixed

File manager

What is a VPS/VDS server

VPS/VDS stands for Virtual Private/Dedicated Server, i.e. virtual personal/dedicated server. This is a virtual machine (VM) that is created inside a physical machine using a hypervisor. In server rent, VPS/VDS is one of the hosting types when you rent a VM from a provider, which is allocated from the total resources of the host server as hardware or virtually. Through virtualization technologies, the computing power of the host computer is divided into the same or different containers that emulate the operation of the whole machine and do not affect each other. In terms of access level and functionality, a virtual server is almost indistinguishable from physically dedicated devices (Dedicated Servers), and their price is much lower. By renting a VPS/VDS, you get the same root rights and the ability to independently select and configure software, delete and modify any files. In some cases, modifications to the operating system kernel and installation of any non-standard modules are also available to you.

VPS server belongs to only one customer, so by purchasing the required number of resources, you can be sure that they will not be used by anyone other than you, even if they are idle. Renting a VDS gives you complete freedom of action: choosing an OS, installing and configuring software products, creating websites in any quantity, independent administration and access at the superuser level. The cost of the service is much less than DS, while the remote functionality is the same.

VDS/VPS hosting is often purchased for highly loaded projects that “feel cramped” on regular shared hosting: demanding sites, popular mobile and web applications, large online stores, etc. On VDS/VPS, you can deploy and remove environments for development and software testing.

Rent a virtual server at IHC

Internet Hosting Center предлагает пять основных тарифов, по которым вы можете арендовать VPS/VDS сервер: ssdVPS:1/2/4/8/12. Цифры в названии отражают объем оперативной памяти (в Гб), которую мы выделяем для ВМ. Также они отличаются количеством процессоров (1, 2, 3, 6, 8) и местом на диске (от 20 до 300 Гб, устанавливается при помощи бегунка). For each hosting plan, we provide powerful hardware: Intel Xeon Scalable CPU, SSD drives, DDR4 SDRAM. All packages include protection against the most common DDoS attacks, unlimited traffic, ability to test any virtual server for free for three days. You can buy VPS/VDS for a year at the price of ten months.

In addition to those listed, 20 more different VDS plans are available for rent in IHC. If you want to buy a VPS that has been allocated using another hypervisor, configured for a specific OS (Windows or Linux) or assembled from specific devices, you can find information about them on our website. Use the trial period to make sure whether the selected server satisfies the needs of your site. To rent a VDS, just click the 'Order' or 'Test' button. Whatever plan you choose, we guarantee safe and reliable VPS hosting.

Rent a virtual VDS server in IHC and don't worry about its availability: our equipment is located in Russian and European data centers (Moscow and Amsterdam), which uptime is 99.98%. Data centers have the highest Tier 3 level in Russia, so your data is in safe hands.

How much does VPS/VDS cost

The minimum price at which you can buy VPS/VDS in IHC is 250 rubles/month. The maximum price will depend on the parameters you choose: you can make up your mind in the billing panel, and the order is paid there too. We give a discount for a one-time payment for a year. As a result, you get 12 months for the cost of ten, i.e. a sixth of the year is free. If you have several sites and require different IP addresses, you can buy additional ones in your account. We can allocate up to 10 addresses to one client. Renting a virtual server in IHC is a good investment, since you can fully manage your web project by paying a price several times lower than when renting a DS.

What's the difference between VPS and VDS

In short, the difference between VDS (virtual dedicated server) and VPS (virtual personal server) is only in the name. Both abbreviations denote a virtual machine created on the basis of a physical one. Nevertheless, hosters in Russia continue to dispute year after year about the meaning of these terms. In Russia, it is widely believed that VDS hosting means renting a server on KVM, while buying a VPS means renting a VM on OpenVZ technology. That is, the difference is in hypervisor, and, as they say, “made in Russia”. The division is relevant only for Runet and in particular Russia. Therefore, each provider decides how to present the service on their own. If you see that the hosting company separates VPS and VDS into different categories and sets different prices, most likely it is because of the virtualization method. The hoster is not trying to deceive you in order to make profit, no, it's just more convenient for them. However, make sure to study this issue while choosing a plan in order to provide the necessary conditions for your site.

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