Ispmanager license

Ispmanager is one of the leading multifunctional Internet server control panels with a simple and intuitive web interface. All basic server management operations, such as creating users, sites, domains, mailboxes, are performed within a couple of mouse clicks.

Action: get a month of ispmanager lite license as a gift when renting a VPS server in the “Iron Hosting Centre”.

Type Price before 01.02.2024 Price
Ispmanager 6 lite (10 sites) 1 month ≈ $3.43 300 ₽ ≈ $3.43 300 ₽ Order
Ispmanager 6 pro (50 sites) 1 month ≈ $6.29 550 ₽ ≈ $6.29 550 ₽ Order
Ispmanager 6 host (unlimited sites) 1 month ≈ $10.86 950 ₽ ≈ $10.86 950 ₽ Order
Ispmanager 6 business 1 month ≈ $17.58 1538 ₽ ≈ $17.58 1538 ₽ Order

The price is valid only when ordering a license for our servers.

Price for “external” IP.

Type Price
Ispmanager 6 lite (10 sites) 1 month ≈ $6 525 ₽
Ispmanager 6 pro (50 sites) 1 month ≈ $12 1050 ₽
Ispmanager 6 host (unlimited sites) 1 month ≈ $19.2 1680 ₽
Ispmanager 6 business 1 month ≈ $24 2100 ₽

Benefits of ispmanager

A set of tools for server support

Ispmanager integrates almost all the tools necessary for the operation of a web server and sites. These are DNS server, mgrctl utility, Docker, Dovecot, Exim, WHMCS, Cloudflare, DDoS-GUARD, fail2bun and others.

Wide functionality

Ispmanager is adapted for different tasks and is suitable for web developers, administrators, site owners. Using the panel, you can manage user rights, domains and DNS records, issue SSL and configure security, create backups, databases, CMS, and much more.

Continuous Improvements

Over the past year alone, ispmanager has released more than 10 significant updates. This is support for various PHP modes and versions of MySQL, PHP-Composer, Node.js, OpenLiteSpeed, PageSpeed, Percona Server, HostCMS and a module with Dr.web antivirus.

Responsive attitude towards users

Ispmanager users vote for desired features in the roadmap and discuss the panel in the Telegram community. The development team considers all suggestions for improvements and bug reports. Popular features are regularly added to ispmanager, and bugs are fixed.

Server resource savings and fault tolerance

Ispmanager has low hardware requirements. It economically consumes resources and, at the same time, can work even with the fall of almost all services or a DDoS attack.


Ispmanager is written in C++ and uses its own web server to work. Therefore, other web servers, such as Nginx and Apache, are only used to work with projects that are hosted in the panel. This gives high speed and fault tolerance. The panel is more productive than some competing solutions and continues to work even if the web server crashes.

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